Growing our family

Little girls dream of their wedding day and then becoming a mother. This little girl was no different, yet God had a different fairy tale in mind.

Three and a half years ago I married the Prince Charming that God wrote into my life story. He is my best friend, a wonderful husband and most importantly the Godly man I get to grow old with!


We talked about having children, we tried to have children (that post will be saved for a later date), we cried about not being able to have children, and we prayed. We prayed a lot! God listened to our plea for a family. He comforted us. Over time He helped us rise from the darkness. He let us know that He had a child for us.

fb cover photo-smaller

It wasn’t until a little bit later that God filled us in on the fact that we would be traveling to China to meet him/her. Gotta love His humor 🙂




2 thoughts on “Growing our family

  1. Nik and Paul: I am beyond thrilled for you! I have been wondering what was happening and this blog is fantastic! Paul, I know we have never met, but I remember talking to Nik the weekend before your first date (weekend at Ship). She was so excited! And now it is 4 years later and you are being blessed with a child! Congratulations to you both! I will pray for you and your growing family! Alpha love! Mic

  2. So happy the process moving along. Ridiculous how long it takes for Chinese orphans to be adopted by good parents. A lucky child will have the best parents ever.

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