Introducing Our Child…

You can read our last post about how August 19-22 were simply crazy days for our adoption journey. It’s pretty great. I know that gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, especially with those secretly-pink-or-blue cakes. We did something a little more traditional and took a photo:


That’s right, we are adopting a beautiful 3.5 year old girl! We can’t wait to meet her and bring her into our family. In the meantime, let me introduce you to…




wait for it…



Stella Louise Brown


stellablog2 stellablog3

She is a crafty chic that appears to love puzzles.  We may not initially speak the same language, but we will communicate through activities spent as a family.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Our Child…

  1. OH My Gosh!!!! The Stouts are so excited about Miss Stella Louise! Praying for you all as it gets closer to meeting in person! Also, I love that she is wearing what seems to be a ballet leotard while doing crafts and puzzels, that is my kind of girl! She and Ruthie will get along great!

  2. I am so excited for you two (three)! You guys are going to be amazing parents. I love the pictures of sweet Stella, and the one of you two is adorable! Yay, God!

  3. Most exciting news!!!! I just love the text inserts from your sweet hubby!!! You will be amazing parents and I am so excited to keep up with Miss Stella and her family journeys!

  4. Guys, this is so very very exciting! What I can’t help but smile real big at (both last night and just now as I shared your daughter with Mike) is how much she is like her Momma already! The first two crafting pics?? I envision seeing many pics of mother/daughter crafting sessions in the future! Love how God orchestrates all the details even down to an instant bond like crafting!

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