Matching Grant Approved!

I’ve got a quick post here to give everyone an update on our adoption from a financial standpoint. We got some exciting news!

On December 5th, we got word that we were approved for a $4,000 matching grant from Promise686! This is a major answer to prayer. Since then, we have let our close friends and family know, and we have seen extreme generosity. We have met and exceeded the $4000 amount that will be matched by Promise686!


Every dollar that gets donated to our Promise686 account is applied towards our adoption, up to the overall amount that we still owe, which is roughly $18,000. If you are looking for somewhere to give a year-end donation that is tax-deductible, then we’d love to have your support.

We know that every family is in a different place financially. We hosted three children from a Romanian choir earlier this year. The choir goes on singing tours to raise money for their orphanage, and we remember the director speaking to our church family on the Sunday they sang. He told us that our first priority was to take care of our family. Our second priority was to give to our local church. Then, if we felt led to give to their orphanage, he asked us to consider giving to their orphanage. We thought this was the right perspective, and we’d ask the same of you.

If you would like to help us bring Stella home to her forever family, there are two ways to give. No donation is too small.

(1) Online–The following link (Brown Adoption w/ Promise686) will take you to our Promise686 profile page. Click on the green “donate” button if you want to financially support our adoption of Stella.

(2) By Check–Make your check payable to Promise686, Inc, and include “Brown Adoption” on the memo line.

Mail check to:
4729 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Suite 100
Berkeley Lake, GA  30092


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