You Don’t Always Get What You Want!

When I stepped out of the classroom last spring, my mind immediately thought about all of the cool things I wanted to do now that I had time.

(1) Attend the Imagine Women’s Conference at Victory World Church, (2) Volunteer at one of the Passion Conferences, encouraging young adults, and (3) Attend my first Created for Care Retreat–a weekend retreat for adoptive/foster mamas.

Well, as the Rolling Stones song says, “…you don’t always get what you want…”

Nope, you don’t….YOU GET BETTER! When God’s in control the timing is perfect and the adventure is richer.

Today we leave for China. Instead of doing all of the things I put on my calendar for January and February 2015, I will be traveling to China with Paul and my Papa to meet our daughter {I like the ring of that!}, see a little of her birth country and bring her to our home to love her and be a family!


We won’t get the detailed itinerary of our China adoption adventure until we arrive in Nanning on Sunday, January 18, but here is a quick overview:

*Beijing! We will be spending the weekend in Beijing with Helen. We are super excited to meet her because she is the person that helped us send care packages to Stella once we were matched with her. Though we won’t be there long enough to do a tremendous amount of touristy stuff, we will be heading the Great Wall and can.not.wait! Weather-permitting, we hope to take advantage of this mode of transportation from the top of the wall.

*Nanning! This is the capital of the province (Guangxi) where Stella lives and is the location of where the Chinese portion of the in-country paperwork will be completed. Monday, January 19 is our big day! This is our “Family Day!” We will meet Stella and she will be with us as part of our family from this point forward. {Whoop! Whoop!} David will be our guide and we have heard such wonderful things about him. We are looking forward to a good week together.

*Guangzhou! Our last stop is in the Guangdong province, which is just east of Stella’s province. Here we will have our US Consulate appointment and do a little more paperwork! Aron will be our guide while in Guangzhou.


We feel honored to have my Papa traveling with us. We asked him to come and be our paparazzi and he graciously agreed. He will be able to capture natural photos and video of us as a family of 3. It will be pretty cool to see the process/our experience in China through different eyes than our own.

As long as WiFi and our VPNs cooperate, we will be blogging as often as we can throughout our trip.







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