First Stop: Beijing

We finally made it to China! After a long ~15.5 hour flight from ATL to Seoul, we hurried through the airport to get on a 2.5 hour flight into Beijing. One note about the Seoul airport: even if you are just transferring planes, you must go through security again, which is not cool. Fortunately, on our way home, the layover is about 4 hours.

When we arrived in Beijing, our guide Helen met us. She did all of the work and got us what we needed and settled into our hotel.




Here is a view of our hotel, with a cool bridge.


Inner Mongolia Grant Hotel


We only had one full day in Beijing, so we went to see the Great Wall. We went to the Mutianyu section. There is a skylift to take you up, and then a toboggan ride to get down! The toboggan was awesome, but would have been much better if the girl in front of us hadn’t been riding her brake all the way down.



View at the top of the skylift





Nikole, Terry, Helen, and some photobomber



View of the skylight and part of the toboggan track



Toboggan sled




Helen took us to two local restaurants. Dinner was at the one in the picture below. She helped us order off of the menu, which had no English on it, and then went to hang out with her friends. No worries, though, one of the waiters spoke English, and the food was delicious.



Tiananmen Square

The morning before we flew out of Beijing, we took a walk to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, which was about a mile from the hotel. It would have been neat to tour the Forbidden City, but we just didn’t have enough time.


Our time in Beijing was short, but it was fun. Helen took us to the airport and got us through check-in, then had to leave us at security. It was a great time!


Off to Nanning!



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