Qingxiu Shan Park in Nanning, China…here we come!

**Memories made on January 21, 2015

As you can see, Yuan-Yuan is ready for her first stroller ride with us. She did great when we had to strap her in, so we are hopeful that we will have the same response when she travels home from the airport in her car seat! Haha 🙂


Outside the park, we had to stop for another family photo with the gymnastic monkeys. Yuan-Yuan loves monkeys and gets excited every time we see these mascots around town.

2-DSCN0463 Shortly after walking through the gates of the park, we experienced our first real meltdown. We had seen tears & stubbornness on Day 1 and 2, but nothing like this. Along with the meltdown came a family meeting. It’s hurts your heart to know that your little one is so unhappy and not be able to communicate with her to actually know what the problem is and why she stopped dead in her tracks, froze, and began to cry. We communicated the best we could and a few minutes later we began to stroll through the park with Papa and David (our wonderful guide). By Day 2 she was beginning to warm up to me a bit and as you can see, she actually let me interact with her. Baby steps, but progress.

3-melt down 1


Paul and I decided that the park reminded us of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with a Chinese twist. The gardens were extremely well kept and had a variety of colors to see. In addition to the cool plants, the stonework was pretty neat to check out as was the architecture of the building throughout. Here are a few of the highlights.



The park is HUGE! To save a few steps, we jumped on an open bus that took us to the FISH. Along with monkeys, Yuan-Yuan LOVES fish or as she screams out in excitement—“Xiǎo yú!” We were able to feed some of the fish, which she enjoyed and we found joy in watching her get excited. As you can maybe see in the photo, these fish are fed by so many. Some of them are so big, some are actually grossly huge!


After walking for a while and feeding the fish, we took a moment to chill. Papa climbed 200+ stairs to the top of a pagoda, David rested, and Paul, Yuan-Yuan and I played—laughed—bonded.  

5-collage family-2

Lifeline does a wonderful job balancing planned outings with personal family bonding time. After a few hours at the park and a nice Chinese lunch on our way to our hotel, we rounded out the day playing with play-doh.

10-end of day


3 thoughts on “Qingxiu Shan Park in Nanning, China…here we come!

  1. I can’t even imagine how hard this is but it will all work out for you. I am sorry Stella has been standoffish with you, but it will change. How could it not? She has the best mom ever! Stella seems to be taken with Paul. She obviously has good taste in men! Thank you for letting all of us participate in your journey. I am so overjoyed for you all.

  2. These are foundational memories you will look back on for many years. We still do often. It is great to see how God shapes the heart from the start to later down the road. You guys are doing great and we look forward to being able to meet her. Also, I don’t know if we told you but Josh’s Chinese nick name was Yuan Yuan also. We kept Yuan as his middle name.

    You are on the home stretch! See you guys soon. -Jason

  3. I can’t wait for y’all to get home. I want to hear all the details of your time together! Of course, I also want to meet your beautiful little daughter.

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