Travel To Guilin

**Memory making on Thursday, January 22, 2015

After spending a few days in Nanning doing the official paperwork stuff, we took a quick side trip to Guilin. This is Yuan-Yuan’s city… where she was found, and where her orphanage and foster family were located. We wanted to see Guilin so that we could see where she was from, so that we could know a little bit of her childhood and tell her about it later. Also, the mountains in Guilin are gorgeous – they call them the gumdrop mountains. We took a river cruise through them, so hopefully we will post a bunch of pictures of that soon.

We headed out of Nanning on a bullet train, which is something that I was excited about, since you can’t do that in America as far as I know. The train station was totally out of control with mobs of people, but David got us through the swarms of people and the two security checks.


Finally waiting at the gate for the train



Waiting in line. Also, lines in China really don’t matter.

The inside of the high speed railcar is just like Amtrak. If you look outside the window, though, you can tell you’re going really fast!


We found our seats!



We saw it reach 210 km/h, which is ~130 mph

And here’s a little video of the view out the window.

Bullet Train from Nanning to Guilin from Paul Brown on Vimeo.


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