Y-Y leaving Guilin To most people this is a photo of a child looking out the window of an airplane. To the mama of this child, it is so much more.

  • It represents the first plane ride I took with my daughter.
  • It captures my daughter leaving the town in which she was born.
  • It shows a brave little girl that may not remember this moment.

Tomorrow, January 30, 2015 we leave The Garden Hotel in Guangzhou, China to head to the airport and are not sure when we will return.

When we land in Atlanta on January 31, we will be home and our journey as parents will continue. Our daily lives will not look as they did before we left for China, and we welcome this change. This change will not only effect the three of us, but those of you who are in our lives as well.

Throughout the adoption process we have introduced you to our daughter, Stella. While her legal name is Stella, she currently does not recognize that this is the case. To her she is Yuan-Yuan (pronounced like: ‘You-Win You-Win’), therefore during this transition time we will call her the name she knows and will transition to Stella when it is right for her.

Yuan-Yuan struggles around strangers, large crowds, and situations with lots of stimuli. Typically she freezes. Sometimes she acts extra silly and melts down later. In her almost 4 years of life (we will celebrate her 4th birthday with her in late March), Yuan-Yuan has experienced more trauma than I can even imagine, and tomorrow as we leave China she will experience more as we take her out of her culture and country she knows. When we arrive home we will be retreating a bit to help our family continue to bond. While Yuan-Yuan has begun to attach to both Paul and I, she still has her moments of grieving and accepting the change and we need to make building the trust within our family our priority. So, when you don’t see us at functions for a while, please understand.

We are experiencing life through our daughter’s eyes and meeting her needs will be our focus. With this, we are the ones that will be providing for her needs. We will be the ones holding her, kissing her, giving her food/drink, comforting her in times of sorrow, etc. The ways that you can support her is by sharing a smile with her, a thumbs up, a high five/ten, or even a simple hello.

Several people have asked if we are open to having family/friends welcome us at the airport on Saturday when we return home. We would love to see your faces, if you want to make the journey to the airport early in the morning. AND…if you do and you have a camera, will you bring it with you? We’d love to have some candids to add to Yuan-Yuan’s photo album of memories.

Our flight arrangements:

  • Korean Air
  • Flight 35
  • Arriving January 31 @ 9:05am

We’ve heard that it could take up to 3 hours to get through customs, so even though our flight is scheduled to land at 9:05, it may be later than that when we actually come out of the gate and see you.


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