Li River Cruise – Guilin Tourism Day

On January 24th, we had the opportunity to see some of the beautiful natural scenery in Guilin. The mountains in this city are almost surreal, and we took a cruise down the Li River which flows straight through thousands of those mountains. The views were great, but I will say that the cruise started to really drag on by about the 3rd hour. The entire trip was about 4.5 hours. Our guide David told us that during the rainy season, it goes a good bit faster. Despite the length, I’m really glad we were able to go on this trip.

You can probably search the internet and find much better pictures than these, but this was our experience. Yuan-Yuan really enjoyed seeing some of the sights. Also, we ended the cruise in Yangzhou, which is a crazy tourist trap. Lots of people, everywhere.


We counted about 29 boats at the starting harbor. This is a major tourist operation.



We saw a good many boats loading/unloading bricks to/from trucks.




Another cute shot of that panda hat



There were a lot of these “bamboo” rafts with tourists on them. They looked like shaped PVC pipe rather than bamboo, though.


She loved pointing out people, boats, fish, and animals to Nikole and me.


Near the end of the cruise, the mountains were a little less steep, and you could see large plots of farmland, mainly oranges.


We ended the cruise in Yangzhou. We were told that these birds are used to catch fish, and the “fishermen” will then get the fish from the birds’ throats.


All throughout rural Guilin we saw these work trucks everywhere. They typically had 3 wheels, and the front wheel was powered by this simple engine.



2 thoughts on “Li River Cruise – Guilin Tourism Day

  1. Really enjoyed this post and all the beautiful Pictures. Stella looks like she is enjoying the sights as much as you. Love that hat!

    Mirinda Davis Sent from my iPhone


  2. I love reading the stories of your new life together! This one reminded me of the book “The Story About Ping” – a children’s book about a duck who gets lost on the Yangtze River. There is a part about the fishing birds. It was fun to see your photos that look so similar to the book’s illustrations!

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