Medical Appointment

On January 26th, we had our medical appointment in Guangzhou, where we took little Yuan-Yuan to the doctor’s office for them to do a general checkup.


Waiting in the waiting area to be seen.


We went in this area first. Also, Mickey Mouse is universal.

First, a general checkup. The doc checked her heartbeat, breathing, fingers and toes. When we had to put her down on the table, she started fussing a little bit, but when we were able to pick her back up and comfort her, she calmed down. This is a good sign that she is bonding with us.medicalappointment02

Next, the ENT. She cooperated so well during this one.



Next, we measured height and weight. She was 100.5 cm (39.5 in) and 12.6 kg (27.8 lbs).


Finally, this nice nurse took her into the general screening room. They took some blood for a TB test. She went in a happy girl holding her bubbles…medicalappointment09

…but came out with tears in her eyes, still clutching her bubbles. She apparently didn’t like the blood being drawn, but was a trooper.
medicalCollageThe doctors then put together her report and we picked it up a couple days later. All was well!


One final tidbit… We saw huge lines of Chinese people in the waiting area. Our guide told us that they were there so that they could move to the United States, and he said that every day they process 1,000 Chinese people to move to the states.




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