1 month, 1 week,1 day!

Today we celebrate 1month, 1week, and 1 day of  being a family of 3!

Life will never be the same and we are embracing the change. We have laughed, cried, slept, played, crafted, practiced vocabulary, enjoyed food from friends, comforted, sang, and loved!

Stella {she knows this is her name, therefore it is how we now address her} is really doing quite well overall. She struggles when it’s time to go night-night, but once she is finally asleep, she sleeps like a champ {averages 9-10 hours a night} in her big girl bed with all of her furry friends. They are a HUGE comfort to her, so we’re glad there’s plenty of room for everyone.


Some moments are captured in a photo, others take words! Either way, we have one hilarious, strong-willed, smart, belly-laughing, compassionate, left-handed, dramatic daughter.

* She joined our family able to peel her own orange & hard boiled egg and is a champ at using chop sticks. {The American version of Chinese food is challenging her chopsticks skills as our rice doesn’t stick together the same was that it does in China, nor are the fried noodles as long. BOO!}

* We were told she was potty-trained, but planned for regression and accidents. Nope—she’s potty trained 🙂 {Our only minor accident was when we first got home and BaBa didn’t understand her when she told him she needed to go “potty” since she typically told MaMa about this task}

* After watching us brush our teeth a few times, Stella got curious. We offered her her toothbrush and toothpaste and she’s been hooked ever since. What started as an odd task in China has now become a family affair in the evening. After her bath we brush our teeth as a family. Her and I share a sink. She gets my toothbrush, puts toothpaste on it and hands it to me…then she does the same for herself. It’s quite cute.

disclaimer…Stella has a beautiful smile, but rarely shares it in a photo, so don’t judge her level of enjoyment by her facial expression–haha!


* With a computer engineer/app developer as a Baba, she has already entered the world of technology. Can maneuver through photos, videos, music, and several apps with minimal obstacles, which keeps Paul and I on our toes.

1 month 3


Pào pào (sounds like pow pow) …aka bubbles! This topic is a blog all on it’s own for this girl.

* After sharing in an earlier post about Stella’s love of fish, we were greeted with an amazing surprise upon our return home. Dear friends sent us a gift card to go to the Georgia Aquarium as a family! {We were able to sneak over on a weekday when we didn’t have to battle a crowd.} Our day was so much fun–we saw a ton of fish and other swimming critters, watched the dolphin show and shared a snack/drink.

1 month 4

* First time she helped me get clothes out of the dryer, we realized that it could be a matching game {which is why I think she came back for load #2}. When she found two socks that matched, she’d call out “MATCHY!” Her excitement was fun to witness and her helpfulness made a mundane task more enjoyable & quicker to complete.


Get ready to giggle…

A few take-aways from the video:

* Stella has a laugh that is infectious! Sometimes it’s a giggle and others it is a deep belly-laugh. All of them bring a smile to my face 🙂

* Did you notice her light-up shoes? Buying these shoes was a BIG step for our little girl. When we met Stella she had on sneakers. White & pink, velcro sneakers with Chinese writing on them. They were too big, often causing them to fall off or her to trip. We offered two pairs of shoes that we had brought with us, but she continued to choose to wear those big sneakers. They were familiar and a comfort zone. Wearing them was part of the process of building trust.


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