He is Risen: A different sort of celebration!

When you are recently home from adopting a beautiful 4 year old girl that is not quite ready to engage in large crowds, you celebrate the resurrection a little differently. And that is okay! After all, God knows it was our obedience to His call to adopt that has brought us to this place.

Easter 2015

We worshipped with music on our iPhones.

We chose to forego fancy Easter attire and focus on a burden God has placed on our hearts, by participating in Easter 2015: Passion into Action.  {If you read the link, you’ll want to know the results!}  The theme this year was ‘the least’. The scripture reference was Matthew 25:31-40.

front of shirt         shirt back

We read a book about the Easter story as a family.

easter story

We spent family time at the park, which involved slides, monkey bars, Stella’s bicycle, a causal walk, jelly beans, and laughter!

{Side note: eating jelly beans is a wonderful way to practice your colors! Call out the color correctly, it goes in your belly!! Haha}

bike easter     stella jelly beans

We bypassed the formal meal for leftovers since it allowed for more time to play!



2 thoughts on “He is Risen: A different sort of celebration!

  1. As one of your Crossing instructions. I AM SO PROUD of YOU BOTH!!!! Your baby girl will benefit greatly from all your doing to prompt bonding/attachment.

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