Never a dull moment

Elsa, Anna, Minnie Mouse, and now Rapunzel. Our daughter’s imagination is a breath of fresh air and the source of a smile that I will cherish always.

It all started with some plastic that came wrapped around an IKEA blackboard/whiteboard easel. I tore off the plastic, pushed it aside and thought nothing of it again–until…

Stella walked up to me with it in her hand as I was putting the easel together. At this time she didn’t have the language she needed to tell me what she wanted, so she used motions. She wrapped the long piece of plastic around her waist and said “ELSA“. It took me a moment, but then a smile came across my as I realized the big picture. In Stella’s eyes Elsa’s trademark feature was the long train on her dress. For days she wore this piece of plastic around to be dressed like Elsa. {…until it accidentally tore, but her Nana Brown had made a real one that sparkled!}

elsa      elsa dress

Between the torn plastic Elsa train and the sparkling Elsa dress, Stella focused on a new character.

In China we gave her a soft, pink blanket to snuggle. {Frozen fans know where this is going….} When Stella came to me holding the pink blanket loosely around her neck, calling “Anna” another smile came to my face. Her cloak! And once again, she wore her cloak all around the house, even when she rode her exercise bike.


Flash forward to yesterday, when she came to me with one of her hair bows and exclaimed, “MINNIE!”  She likes the Disney Princesses, but I’d say she LOVES Minnie Mouse. I’m not sure when this love grew exactly, but I believe it’s here to stay. Her stuffed Minnie is her side kick and most nights it’s her Minnie pajamas that are requested. {Totally fine with me–I’m a Minnie fan as well!} Funny side note: the word for Minnie Mouse is one of the only Chinese words she still regularly uses. So, a big bow in the center of her head = Minnie Mouse!


**She would have chosen pink as she knows that’s the color of Minnie’s, but we gave her pink bow to a girl that we met the day we visited her Orphanage and haven’t yet purchased a new one. **

Every day is a new day, right!?

Folding towels in the laundry room while Stella ate a snack, I hear “Mama” and turn around to see my sweet daughter with a fleece blanket wrapped around her head. I’m sure I gave her a perplexed look because she called out, “RAPUNZEL, long hair!”  Yes, she really likes Rapunzel’s long hair {even told Holly, our stylist, that she wanted Rapunzel long hair}, therefore it only makes sense that she finds an object around our house to symbolize it. So, once again I smiled and gladly helped her find a way for the blanket to stay.


Paul and I both absolutely adore Stella’s creative spirit and imagination and have made an agreement to never squash it!

Go for the big, wild and crazy dreams, little girl. You have Mama and Baba’s support!



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