Baba’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


In the post last month about Mother’s Day, Nikole did an excellent job of explaining a lot of the emotions that come along with days that are special and set aside to celebrate parenthood. These emotions are probably more prevalent in the moms out there, but dads go through the same kinds of emotions too.

That said, today was my first Father’s Day (or, in our house, it’s called Baba’s Day)! In fact, the whole weekend was a lot of fun. We started on Friday night be having Chinese food to celebrate 5 months of having Stella! Oh, how time flies. Then yesterday, we went to the zoo (thanks Gwinnett County Public Library) and pretty much saw all of the animals. Stella had a good time, and she even got to feed a giraffe!


Today we went to church and then spent the afternoon at the pool, and later in the day had my favorite strawberry cupcakes. My other gifts were perfect: A red shirt that says “Baba, est 2015” (Nikole made this shirt, which makes it more special), and a puzzle of Pixar movies that we can all do as a family.

To top it off, the gifts weren’t wrapped in wrapping paper – Stella handed me the shirt with my eyes closed, and the puzzle was in a Kroger bag – exactly my style!

Congratulations to all moms and dads out there. I finally know what it feels like to hold this special title, and it’s such a reward. I’ll close with two funny shots from our mini “photo shoot” from this afternoon.


Version 2


3 thoughts on “Baba’s Day

  1. Happy 1st Baba’s Day to you, Paul! I think the look of love on your face tells pretty much the whole story, not to mention the Stella’s big grin she’s trying to hid with her hands in the second photo! The shirt is fantastic!

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