She’s got a badge and she’s ready!

Today was a special day for Stella. GTRI (Georgia Tech Research Institute, where Paul works) hosted their fourth annual ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ on campus, which meant she had the opportunity to go to work with Baba!

TYCTW15-Paul Stella 2

Last night Paul came home with a super cool and quite official looking buzz card/badge for Stella to wear to work! {Thanks Scott for thinking of the little things that score major points with a 4 year old}. She was overly excited and though it had her name as Stella Brown {she likes to call herself Stella Purple….a story for a future blog post}, she loved it!TYCTW15-Badges1

While Chick-fil-a nuggets for breakfast and participating in some neat activities were fun, I think one of the most exciting things she did was get to meet Buzz! Paul said she was a bit unsure at first, but after Buzz passed by her a few times she felt comfortable enough to pose for a few pictures.  **Our girl LOVES Buzz! Whether on a shirt, as decoration in a restaurant, or on the Tervis tumbler at home, she can spot Buzz a mile away and a smile instantly comes across her face!

TWCTW15-Paul Stella                         TYCTW15-Stella Buzz

{Yes friends, deep down I am still a Georgia Bulldog, but when you shift life to one income that happens to come from Georgia Tech, your perspective changes a bit.}

Not sure of the full story behind the following two photos except that Stella took the one of Paul, which is why the artistic perspective of what should be included in the photograph is a little different {haha!}

TYCTW15-Baba                          TYCTW15-Stella

Scott, the maker of the legit kiddie badge, brought his daughter to work today too. Stella loved being around Ann Marie and thought she was fabulous! My heart melts looking at this sweet moment that Paul captured of them waiting in line at lunch.

TYCTW15-Stella AM



2 thoughts on “She’s got a badge and she’s ready!

  1. I really enjoy reading y’all’s blog. My husband and I are adopting from Haiti and we are also a Lifeline family. Frequently the adoption blogs I find end when the child become part of his/her forever family. It is very encouraging to read what’s going on in the lives of families after they are forever families! I know there are many difficulties, but God’s rewards are great…thanks for sharing some of them with your readers.

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