Stella as Ladybug Girl

This summer Stella received four fabulous books from the daughters of one of my dearest friends. {What were they you ask? Ladybug GirlDon’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus, Press Here, and Pinkalicious.} Stella LOVES books and knowing that Mikayla and Hannah had picked out some of their favorites to give to Stella made receiving them that much sweeter. Little did the girls know that their gift would inspire Stella’s first Halloween costume, but it did!

We’ve been preparing for today since the beginning of the month. Dressing up like her favorite book character {Ladybug Girl} was easy to grasp and a source of excitement for Stella. The concept of going trick-or-treating was another story.

The  other day I found out that the city where we live hosts a ‘Trek or Treat’ at a neighboring park. We had no idea what we were in for, but in our typical family fashion, we decided to tackle a new adventure.


Stella posed for a picture and quickly realized that she was colder than she thought she would be in shorts, so after one photo we had to stray a bit from true Ladybug Girl fashion {bare legs} and put on the red leggings.

**I had to laugh because this brought back memories of trick-or-treating as a child living in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. More often than not, the cold weather on October 31st caused my costume to be covered by a big, heavy coat OR I had to choose a costume that was big enough for said coat to fit underneath. Haha!**

Red leggings went on…


A last minute pep talk was given…


and we were off!


All three of us had fun! Sticker pumpkins & bead necklaces to make, masks to color, food to eat, candy to gather, tattoos to put on and laughs along the way.




After almost two hours of fun, Ladybug Girl was tired.


Yep! This was our cue that we needed to go home and rest a bit in preparation for trick-or-treating tonight.

So we left.


After dinner Ladybug Girl visited a special family, the Pruitt’s, to check out their candy stash! Stella scored several pieces of tasty chocolate, as well as a ring pop from Mr. Steve. Her Super Girl babysitter, Megan, was home so of course I had to take a quick photo of them together.


Back in our neighborhood we stopped by several of the houses on our street. Stella enjoyed trick-or-treating and kept saying, “I have so much candy!” IMG_7492


So, the three of us sat in the kitchen floor and each ate a piece of candy to celebrate Stella’s first Halloween! It was perfect!



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