Today we meet our son, Owen!

It’s Monday, July 25th in China and today is the day! We are meeting our guide at 2pm {that’s 2am at home} in the hotel lobby to head to the Civil Affairs Building to meet Owen. So many emotions, balled up inside each of us, but mostly sheer excitement.

A little background on our little man….

  • Owen is 23 months old and will turn 2 in August, so no more birthdays without his forever family.
  • He is from the Guangdong Province, which is in southeast China, therefore we will be in Guangzhou the entire time we are in China since this is where the US Consulate is as well. {Many have asked if Owen and Stella are from the same orphanage and/or province. No and no. Stella is from Guangxi, which is the province to the west of Guangdong, so though they are not from the same province, they are both southern babies!}


    Stella’s and Owen’s Provinces
    Image source:

  • Owen was born with a genetic blood disorder called Thalassemia. In simple terms, his hemoglobin does not make the beta protein that is needed for his red blood cells to function properly. If you want a more detailed overall description, check out this link. One of my favorite blogs also did a series of articles to give insight into the family dynamics of having a child with Thalassemia. Have a moment? Read along here. We won’t know the exact details of his medical treatment until we meet with the Thalassemia specialist {we are fortunate to have a wonderful clinic in Atlanta with top rated specialists}, but know that monthly blood transfusions and a daily chelation medicine are in his future at some point and more than likely for the rest of his life.

Thank you for joining (or continuing) with us along this journey. We appreciate the support and prayers that everyone has given to us this far.

We’ll be back later once we’ve become a family of 4!


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