It was hard to get a good picture of the building where the Civil Affairs office was. It seemed like some random side street. But, this was a picture of the sign right outside the door, and then a picture of the main lobby.

Interviews - Civil Affairs Building Entrance

Interviews - Civil Affairs Lobby Desk

The day after we met Owen, we went back to that same office. {A little China adoption insight: The first 24 hours after meeting your child is called “the harmonious period”. You have temporary custody of your child to begin to get to know each other, bond, etc. and make your final decision of whether you will complete the adoption.} Tuesday, 7/26, we returned to have our photo taken for Owen’s Adoption Decree, as well as our Civil Registration Interview. Then, we went upstairs for our Notary Interview.


After our Adoption Decree photo

Civil Registration Interview

Civil Registration Interview

Owen was really getting into his cell phone toy (the same toy that we brought for Stella to play with last year – the one that taught her the numbers 1 through 10). He also really likes puffs, and was starting to share with one of the other kids, who will live in Sweden.

Interviews - DSCN2903

Interviews - DSCN2918

Interviews - DSCN2921

Here are the signs just outside of the notary’s office. Much like the sign in the Civil Affairs area of the building, I just think the signs are cool.

Interviews - Notary Office sign 2

Interviews - Notary Office sign

On Wednesday, we went to the police station to work on Owen’s passport. Our guide told us at the end of this visit that the Chinese side of things was completely done! The next series of events will be the United States side of things.

Interviews - Police Department

Owen on the floor at the police station


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