An emotionally tough day, but we made it!

Yesterday, our scheduled sightseeing tour included the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, and Liwan Plaza (aka the pearl and jade market).

At least, that was the plan. What we experienced yesterday was simply more confirmation that a trip back to Owen’s orphanage may not have been a great idea. The morning was a little rough after breakfast, as Owen didn’t want anything to do with a fresh diaper after a diaper change. We got out the door, though, and he did great on the bus ride over to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall.

When we arrived, though, we immediately went into a little tourist shop to get Owen a name chop. This page shows a decent example of a name chop. These are very popular in the tourist areas and shops in China. We got one for Stella last year, and we wanted to get one for Owen too.

This place was pretty hot. Okay, every part of Guangzhou is hot right now… miserably hot. But this was not indoors, and it was crowded, and it was really noisy. Owen had been comfortably riding along in the carrier with Nikole, but I think the combination of the heat, crowd, and noise made him finally lose it and start an intense crying fit.

He was pretty much inconsolable, and fortunately I had finished “ordering” the name chop. It became evident that our best option was to bail on this place and get a taxi back to the hotel. Owen was stressed, Mama was stressed because everyone kept staring us down, and in those high emotions, Stella got emotional as well. We had even prepared to have a fun FOR Gwinnett picture taken, and in all of the miserable heat and high emotion, we only squeezed out this one picture:

Stella, wearing her Waumba Land shirt, at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Stella, wearing her Waumba Land shirt, at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Once we got in the taxi, Owen settled, and once we were in the hotel room, he did okay overall. We had a few more crying fits throughout the day, which left us all thinking that we probably made the right decision about not visiting the orphanage last week. Owen has had several moments that have seemed a lot like grieving. He’ll be really sad and cry, and there’s not much we can do. Who knows what an orphanage visit might have done to him emotionally. On the day we met him, he really struggled to be with us and see his orphanage staff. Returning to the orphanage itself (and possibly seeing the nAnnie’s again) might have regressed our relationship as his new family.

Every day is a new challenge (or many!) for us as we are in new territory. As always, we appreciate prayers from our friends and family. Specifically, we are praying that Owen will develop a trust in us, and that we will learn to really meet his needs. Oh, and that upcoming plane trip… That’s gonna be an adventure for sure.

Finally, speaking of the plane trip home… You may have seen in the news that there is a typhoon hitting Hong Kong right now. In Guangzhou, we are actually expected to get a good bit of rain from it tonight. But, we head back to Hong Kong on Thursday and fly out on Friday. Let’s all pray that they can actually get most/all of the postponed flights taken care of before our flight hits the runway. We are all ready to be back home in the USA to try to return to our new normal.


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