Medical Appointment Day

Under the circumstances, Stella has been doing quite well adjusting to life as a big sister that has to share her parents’ attention, her toys, and sometimes her snacks.

When Aron told us that only one parent officially needed to go to Owen’s medical appointment, we jumped at the opportunity for Stella to have some special time with Baba and GongGong.

So, Saturday 7/30 was Medical Appointment Day. Owen, myself, three other families in our travel group and at least 30 other families with other agencies were there. Stella’s medical day was rather calm. Not Owen’s. Each medical room was a revolving door–one child after another, getting one last check up before leaving their birth country. Most children Owen’s age {under 2} have 3 stations to visit, but our little man needed to visit all 4.

(1) The nurses measured his weight, height and temperature. To say that he was not happy to get these measurements taken was a complete understatement, especially having something stuck into his ear.

(2)  The ENT did a quick check and having something stuck in his ears got the same results–tears! oh, and screams! The ENT was a little old man and Owen’s screaming helped the doc decide that a super quick check up was best for all.

(3) When Aron took us to the GP, she shut the door behind her. Normal, right? A little privacy for us while we met with the doctor. Not even a minute later the doc asked for the door to be opened because as soon as it shut Owen began his screaming again. My boy has a set of lungs on him! Opening the door did not halt the screams, but it did make it a little easier on our ears. Haha! A quick once over and off to our last station.

(4) The last station was the TB blood draw. Children under 2 years old do not need to have this test completed. While Owen did not have the TB test done, we did have his blood drawn so that we could have his hemoglobin level tested. Owen’s last transfusion was July 14 and after the transfusion his hemoglobin level was 11.3, which is a good number. An updated reading will simply be a data point to help us feel more comfortable about taking him on a long plane ride home. We anxiously await this reading, which we will receive Tuesday morning.

A few of the rooms and the nurses station.

A few of the rooms and the nurses station.

He was brave and strong and absolutely deserved that lollipop!

He was brave and strong and absolutely deserved that lollipop!


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