The Journey Home Begins

The first leg of our journey home is complete and it only took a shuttle bus, a big train, two subway trains, and another shuttle bus.

This morning, after breakfast, we checked out of the Garden Hotel and met up with Aron for her to arrange our train station shuttle. We are excited when she decided to join us and send us off at the train station, rather than the hotel lobby.

We took the bus to the train station, caught a train from Guangzhou to Kowloon (in Hong Kong, on the mainland), then took two MTR subway trains to a station near the hotel.

Navigating the train station in Kowloon

Navigating the train station in Kowloon

After an MTR train, and then a transfer to another MTR train, we arrived at the Tung Chung station and waited for the SkyCity Marriott shuttle.

We started this journey at about 9:15am, and when we arrived at SkyCity around 3:30, it was time for a celebratory lunch of Cup O’ Noodles!



This new hotel is so refreshing, probably because we are looking at new walls and carpets that are quite colorful and simply….different. This will be our home for the night, and we continue the journey tomorrow with two flights.


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