Three days of being “Under the Sea”

When your princess dress-up clothes have been worn so much that new holes begin to appear in them in late September {they’ve already seen the sewing machine several times}, it should be no surprise what your parents buy you as a costume for Halloween! Add in the fact that your mother has quite the crazy hat collection and your little brother transforms into your side-kick.

Stella and Owen embraced every opportunity to dress up these last three days and had so much fun!

Fun at Trek-or-Treat at Suwanee Park {10/29/16}

Sebastian & Flounder

Sebastian & Flounder




WOW! Everyone is looking at the camera 🙂

Thanks Nana Brown & Papa Tony for joining us on our “trek”!

Fall Festival at Calvary Baptist Church {10/29/16}

Aunt Laura painted a cool butterfly on Stella's hand!

Aunt Laura painted a cool butterfly on Stella’s hand!

Sunday {10/30/16} the kids in Waumba Land were able to dress up in a costume for church! Owen is still transitioning into a Waumba Land class, so I am staying with him during the service. It was so much fun to see all of the kids worshiping God–singing their little hearts out and doing the hand motions–dressed up in character! After church, Aunt Ashley joined our family for food trucks, fireworks, and fellowship on the front lawn! Love our Gwinnett Church community!!

Uncle Jake is a big cheese head and was in town to catch his favorite team play football, but before leaving for the game the kids snagged him for a photo op!


Three kids with silly things on their heads!

The grand finale happened today…Trick-or-Treating {10/31/16}


Both of the kids had a blast ringing door bells, calling out “trick-or-treat” and choosing their piece(s) of candy. Owen walked the entire time with a spring in his step, enjoying his first Halloween.

Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder

Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder


Oh how mama loves these cuties!


Owen decided the glow in the dark fangs fit better over his mouth & nose, rather than his teeth!

Halloween Side Note:  Shorts & a tank dress??? It was 85 degrees today, which is simply craziness for Halloween weather when I think back to my childhood days of trick-or-treating. We lived in Ohio and many years we were lucky if our costume could even be seen from under our winter coat because it was so cold out!

Pirate & Princess Day {10/24/16}

Pirate & Princess day at school =  the chance to wear her other new princess dress {Belle} to school. On the way to school she told me that Belle was one of her favorites because Belle likes books and so does she! {melt a mama’s heart….}  Owen and I wanted in on the fun, so I put on a tiara and he put on his pirate gear for car rider line.  The poor teacher that opened up our door to get Stella out of the car didn’t know what to think. {She probably nailed it though….”that mama is crazy & the little guy is stinkin’ cute!”}




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