Our Spicy Pixie Dust dances in Peter Pan 2017

Yesterday was a day our family, especially Stella, has been preparing for all school-year. Buford School of Ballet presented Peter Pan this past weekend and Stella’s class danced in the last show as Pixie Dust. This was Stella’s first year dancing and she absolutely loved being in Ms. Katelyn’s class.

To pass the time while Stella and I stood in the “dancer check-in line” I decided to take capture a few photos. Stella–Miss Photogenic that loves to pose for a photo–had no issues with this plan!

Looking absolutely gorgeous, yet so much older than a 6 year old.

The large audience did not intimidate her one bit.  She felt beautiful and did a wonderful job on stage.

We were grateful to have Stella’s grandparents in town to come. I was sad to not have my mother in the seat next to me to witness Stella dance {she was sooooo looking forward to it} , but know she had the best seat in the house–watching from above and sharing the excitement that filled Stella’s heart.

Stella’s fans: GongGong, Baba & Mama, and Nana Brown & Papa Tony

We were all super excited to have Ms. Debbie join us for the show. Stella’s first evening away from us {10 months after becoming a family} was spent hanging with Ms. Debbie and ever since they have shared a special bond.

As you can see, they spend much of their time together laughing!

This may be my favorite photo of the night. It captures Stella so well.

One of Stella’s pre-K friends also dances at Buford School of Ballet. They will go to different elementary schools next year, but will get to continue their special friendship on Tuesday nights as they will be in the same ballet class.

Stella {Pixie Dust} & Naomi {Baby Fairy}

Owen came along to Stella’s Christmas recital. Though he did fairly well that night, we knew that he could not handle sitting for two hours through Peter Pan. Thankfully, dear friends, Debi-Debi and Alex, were able to come have a playdate with him. Look at the cool artwork that greeted us on the driveway!



Can you tell which part Owen colored….and which he did not?!


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