Adoption Timeline


8/5/16: Arrive home in Atlanta w/a new U.S. citizen

8/2/16: CA {Consulate Appointment}

7/25/16: Family Day {some call it Gotcha Day}

7/20/16: Leave for China

7/11/16: TA {Travel Approval}

7/7/16: Article 5 pickup

6/16/16: I800 approval

6/1/16: LSC/LOA {Letter Seeking Confirmation/Letter of Acceptance}

5/3/16: LID {Logged In Date}

4/18/16: DTC {Dossier to China}

3/25/16: I800A approval

3/23/16: Biometrics Fingerprint {Walk-On} Appointment

3/9/16: I800A at lockbox

3/5/16: I800A application submitted to USCIS

2/24/16: Home Study complete

2/16/16: Received PA {Preliminary Approval} from China

1/25/16: Submitted LOI {Letter of Intent} on the cute little guy

12/29/15: Started Home Study

12/16/15: Received a cute little guy’s file {needed to pray and ask some clarifying questions}

12/14/15: Confirmed Small World Adoptions as our agency

November 2015: Paul agreed

Summer of 2015: Nikole felt God calling our family to adopt a child with Thalassemia


1/31/15: Arrive home in Atlanta w/a new U.S. citizen!

1/29/15: Consulate Appointment

1/20/15: Province paperwork is finalized and Stella is a Brown!

1/19/15: Family Day {we meet and hug Stella!}

12/29/14: TA {Travel Approval}

12/22/14: Article 5 pick up

12/8/14: Article 5 dropped off

12/5/14: Cable Letter Received

12/3/14: Visas received

11/28/14: I800 approval

11/13/14: I800 submitted

11/11/14: We got our LOA [Letter Of Acceptance]  This is the BIG hurdle mentioned below in purple. Seeing this document in person was overwhelming. Seeing our daughter’s Chinese name and our names on an official Chinese document was cool. Holding it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. All I cold do is dance around and squeal with joy! China has approved us to be her parents and we’ve acceptance this honor.

11/4/14: Our dossier is Match Reviewed

11/3/14: Our dossier is Reviewed

9/2/14: Our dossier is OOT [Out of Translation!!] Our dossier has 4 steps to follow in order to reach our next BIG hurdle (LOA). Step 1 is getting our dossier translated into Mandarin, which is what has successfully happened. Wahoo! Now on to step 2 having it reviewed.

8/22/14: We have our PA!!  Preliminary Approval that is! This is the initial stage of the CCCWA accepting our LOI and best of all…..we get to share a photo of our beautiful child with our friends, family, anyone that is reading this blog. I have a perma-grin on my face and simply cannot help it, I’m so excited!!

8/21/14: We submitted our LOI!!  We submitted out Letter of Intent today! We believe we’ve seen the file of the child God intended for us to parent {Oh this child melted our hearts.} and we’ve submitted documents to notify the CCCWA & our agency that we want to follow through and adopt this gorgeous child.

8/20/14: We are LID!!  Well folks–yet again we are feeling extremely blessed! We were told to plan for about a 2-3 week wait to be logged in (LID), but I think God knows patience is not a strong suit of Nikole’s (though He is having her practice daily) and it only took 6 days!  Yep, you read that correctly….WE ARE LID!! EEEK! 

8/14/14: We are DTC!! This cause me to let out a BIG, LOUD, burst of excitement–Whoop! Whoop! DTC =  dossier to China! Our dossier will be electronically uploaded on a database and then physically sent to China so that a profile can be created on us. This a big step, hence the BIG, LOUD, burst of excitement!! 

7/28/14: Dossier authentication begins   13 documents make up our dossier. These documents are how we will be represented to China and they need to be authenticated on three levels, which requires them to travel to a couple of places in AL and somewhere else in TX. Eventually they will make their way back to the Lifeline office in Birmingham for the next step of the process.

7/22/14: I800A Approval 🙂 Whoop! Whoop! This is the last document needed to complete our dossier. Let the authentication begin!

7/8/14: Biometric Fingerprinting {Walk-in} Appointment    Arrived at the USCIS location just after lunch, as “walk-ins” since our actual appointment wasn’t until 7/16. They only allow 20 walk-ins each day. Paul was #20. The kind security officer let me be #21 since he didn’t want to split up a couple! WHEW! 

6/11/14: I800A application submitted to USCIS

6/5/14: Home study finalized!

4/10/14: 4th Home study visit–via the phone

3/24/14: 3rd Home study visit@ Panera

3/5/14: 2nd Home study visit & home tour, so obviously @ our house    Had our one-on-one chats with Jamie. Paul talked for over an hour, which is longer than Nikole did.  Definitely worth noting! 

2/24/14: 1st Home study visit @ Panera    Met Jamie, our Social Worker! She is wonderful, people! Absolutely fabulous! 

**Our original 1st meeting was supposed to be earlier in February, but we had to reschedule  due to the ice storm that shut down Atlanta.  BOO!!

1/13/14: Sent in paperwork/payment to begin the adoption process

1/5/14: Online application submitted

11/12/13: We chose Lifelife Children’s Services (LL) as our agency