Breakdown of Adoption Expenses

For those that are reading our blog and not aware of the financial cost of adopting, this page will help put it in perspective. The cost of an international adoption is different than a domestic adoption. Even with international adoption, the cost will vary from country to country. The predicted costs we will endure through our China adoption are below. 

Agency Fees:  **includes: LL service fees, orphan care sustainability projects, Chinese liaison fee, home study, shipping of all documents, general translation fee, post adoption services/management/translation

$250                  Application Fee

$2,776.25      Agency Payment #1–paid upon acceptance to adopt through Lifeline

$2,776.25      Agency Payment #2–paid upon completion of home study

$2,776.25      Agency Payment #3–paid upon sending dossier to China

$2,776.25      Agency Payment #4–paid when child’s referral is accepted (LOA)

$600                 Orphanage Partnership Fee (depends on which orphanage we adopt from)

**ALL agency fees must be paid prior to travel!

Out of Pocket Adoption Expenses:

$102.50          Fingerprinting fee for home study

$ varies           Medical Reports–expense depends on health insurance coverage

$11                     Passport photos (4 copies per parent)

$35                     Birth Certificate  (1 copy per parent)

$10                     Marriage License

$195                  National Council for Adoption (NCFA) Parent Training

$200                   Crossings Training

$35                       Prepare & Enrich Survey

$ varies             Out of State CAN clearances

$890                   Citizenship & Immigration Service Fee (2 adults adopting 1 child)

$585                   Authentication/Certification/Mailing of dossier documents

$1,190               Dossier Submission

Travel Costs:  *with changes in airfares & hotel accommodations happening daily, this is a true estimate and could go up by the time we actually travel.

$18,930+         Office costs, hotel accommodations, guide service, transportation, tips for guide/driver, in-country flights, consulate costs, international flights, orphanage visit, two adult visas

Approximate Total Cost of Our Adoption = $34,138.50