How Can You Help?

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Our greatest need are your PRAYERS. Please pray for us as we take on this monumental endeavor. We are confident God will take care of us along the way, and we are looking forward to seeing the ways that He will continue to show up.

Specific prayer request(s):

1. Travel mercies with on-time flights, space to move around on the 15.5 hour & 13 hour flights.

That said, everyone knows that adoption is expensive. We have been saving up for a while in anticipation of adopting a child, but there are still a lot of unknowns and we will probably need some FINANCIAL SUPPORT along the way. We didn’t want to do a bunch of random things just to ask people to help us out financially—that’s not our style. We wanted to find subtle and/or creative ways for people to support us through activities that reflect our personalities and passions. 

Two of those subtle ways to raise money are through AFFILIATE ACCOUNTS. Using an affiliate account link allows you to support our journey to build our family, while not spending any money you wouldn’t already be spending. Win-win, right!?

The first affiliate account is an Amazon affiliate account.

As we update this website with blog posts and pages, we will occasionally throw in links to books and other products that we find interesting & useful. If you click on these links and shop on Amazon, we get a small percentage of the purchase price. We hope you also find these things interesting, but you aren’t required to purchase those exact products. For now, here is a book that we read as training material during out home study process.

It is a great guide on raising adopted children, and it opened our eyes to some common sense things we had never thought about before, but will be invaluable once we have our child in our home.

A second affiliate account we have set up is for Just Love Coffee.

Nikole heard about this organization through another adoption blog and began to do some research because it fit our fundraising criteria, reflecting Paul’s love of coffee.

Just Love sells delicious organic, fair trade coffee, as well as various coffee related items. Visit, or click the image below to visit our Just Love storefront.  A portion of every item you buy will go directly to our adoption fund!


The connection to Just Love Coffee does not stop at Paul’s love of coffee!  The coffee shop itself if located in Murfreesboro, TN, which is where one of Paul’s brother’s family lives. PRETTY COOL, huh!?! 

And there’s another layer of connection. Our sister-in-law’s employer has even used Just Love Coffee for fund raising and the experience has been rewarding.

The coffee probably costs a little more than your normal stash, especially after shipping, but if you like to try new coffees, definitely check them out.

You may not shop on Amazon or drink coffee, but you still want to financially support our adoption adventure. No worries…..we’ve got you covered!

We have some neat FUNDRAISERS in the works that we are excited to share…..BUT…..all in good time.  While you wait for the details of each event, please keep us and our adoption journey in your prayers!

1. PIECES OF THE PROMISE DEVOTIONAL PUZZLE  A great way to discuss the birth of Christ as a family in preparation of the upcoming Christmas season. $10 from every puzzle will be donated to our adoption. Click here for details. 


2. FALL PHOTO MINI-SESSIONS  Our wedding photographer (Lauren Wright Payne) is sharing her talent with us as a way to raise money for the adoption. Check out the photo below to see the details. Only 1 photo session remains, which is at this Saturday, 11/8 @ 3:50pm. 

Photo Flyer

3. Early on we set up an AdoptTogether profile. Since then, we were approved for a matching grant from Promise686! You can find out all about that by reading this post.