One step closer…

As of last Thursday, we are one step closer to the child God has chosen for us to parent.  I received Logan’s email and quickly jumped on FaceTime with Paul to tell him the news. He typically is so calm and matter of fact, but I knew with this news I’d get a happy smile of excitement and I wanted to be able to see it!

DTCAdoption has not been a part of either our immediate worlds. We knew very little of the process and are still filling in certain pieces as our journey unfolds. When we shared with family/friends that we were adopting, we were inundated with questions, many of which we did not know how to answer. We feel as though God has us on this journey, not only to build our family, but also to educate others about adoption and advocate for the fatherless.

One of the reasons we love our agency so much is that they are a “hand holding agency” and are so helpful with every step of the adoption process. As they hold our hand, we will hold yours and share/explain these steps with you.


DTC means that our dossier is traveling to China.  Each page gets entered electronically into a database and will also be physically sent to China. This is BIG and usually marks the halfway point through the adoption journey.

Our next big step should happen in approximately 2-4 weeks, when we become LID (logged in date). Since Paul and I are following the more traditional route to matching with a child, we have to be LID (dossier in China and a profile is created on us) before we begin the matching process and see children’s file. Say a prayer that our path from DTC to LID is a smooth one.