What does a puzzle, the birth of Christ, and our adoption have in common?

Christmas is coming (yes, I just typed that), and it’s neat to find fun and creative ways to tell your kids about the meaning of Christmas. Through the adoptive world, I’ve recently found a cool idea that an adoptive family created for this purpose – it’s a puzzle that provides 16 days of devotions that tell about the Birth of Christ.


Paul and I love puzzles (just look at the 3000 piece one that we did back in 2009). This devotional puzzle provides not only a way to reflect on the Christmas season, but when you buy one and use our promo code (details below), you are providing $10 towards our adoption and are also supporting the adoptive parents who created the puzzle.

Actually, there is an English and a Spanish version of the Birth of Christ devotional puzzle, as well as an English version of the Armor of God devotional puzzle–all of which are eligible to help bring our sweet Stella home 🙂

If this sounds like something you’d like your family to do, visit www.piecesofthepromise.com and purchase one….or two or more! (You’ve got friends, right? Share the link & promotional code with anyone that might be interested.)


The important part during check out is to make sure you use the promo code Brown-Lifeline. Click the “Add promotional code” and type our code (Brown-Lifeline) into the box.

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Brown-Lifeline If you want to support us but don’t want this devotional puzzle, no worries. Later this week we will release some details about upcoming mini-photo sessions, and we also have shared some on-going ways to help on our How Can You Help page.