Timing is Not Our Own

Last week was an amazing week on our adoption adventures! Before we could catch our breath and share our new news on the blog from the excitement of one step, a new and exciting next step of our process was presented to us.

Tuesday, August 19: We had a phone conversation, with Logan (remember, she’s our International Adoption Specialist at Lifeline) to discuss our “special needs” form. We had a wonderful conversation, which ended with Logan letting us know that in the next few weeks she may have a file for us to review. We hung up the phone excited!

Wednesday, August 20: I volunteer at our church on Wednesdays and this day was no different. I had stepped away from where my phone was for a split second and when I returned, I had three notifications:

A missed call from Logan with a voice message and two texts from Paul.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.03.39 PM

As I dialed Paul’s number I wondered what Logan would have needed. Did she miss asking us something? Had the status of our dossier changed? Was it OOT? Never once did it cross my mind that she would have a file, but she did.

The excitement in my husband’s voice immediately put a smile on my face. He began to relay what Logan had shared with him—most importantly—she had a file of a child that she thought was a perfect match for our family.

As I drove home tears built up in my eyes and eventually had no where to go but to stream down my face. The most amazing thought jumped in my head: A special friend of mine has been praying Psalm 113:9 over me for quite some time. Maybe now is God’s timing for this prayer to come true…I might actually have the opportunity to be a mother! 

I headed down to Georgia Tech so that we could view the file together–I would have had it no other way. We had a quick turnaround time, which is typical when adoptive parents receive a child’s file, so we sent the file to the International Adoption Clinic on Wednesday afternoon for the doctor to review.

Thursday, August 21: One of the doctors from the IAC-Birmingham called us back with reassuring news about the child in the file.

Feeling like this was the right thing to do, we let Logan know that we’d like to move on to the next steps to bring this child home! That’s right folks, we will be the child’s forever family! Whoop! Whoop! Logan was of course super excited and gave us our LOI (letter of intent) documents to fill out and send back so that she could submit them to China. At this point, she said all we could do is wait until China gave us preliminary approval (PA), which often takes weeks.

Friday, August 22: I was attending day 2 of the Imagine Women’s Conference, and was welcomed by this text on during our morning break.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.04.25 PM

My heart melted. The meaning of our LOI submission was beginning to stick and these “first time parents to be” were beaming with excitement!

Being at a conference (where God filled my heart/mind with the teaching of Lisa Bevere & Valerie Burton) created yet another time when I couldn’t answer my phone. During our afternoon break I saw a missed call from Logan. This time, Paul texted:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.49.09 PM

Instead of checking my email, I called him back, and he told me Logan had called him and we officially had our PA from China!

Holy cow, people…did you get that?! In 4 days we went from mentally preparing ourselves to review a file sometime in the future to being matched with the child that we firmly believe God had planned for us to raise! Needless to say, this was a lot of excitement to take in, but oh so worth it!